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Bob Semper : Exploratorium

Item is an audio cassette containing a talk given by Bob Semper, accompanying a slide show. In the talk, Semper describes the San Francisco Exposition building from 1894 and its adaptation into the Exploratorium in the later 1960s under the direction of Frank Oppenheimer. Semper also goes into detail about how the exhibitions are built, the exhibition design, and how the public interacts with exhibits, including aesthetic and interactive components. Semper mentions various curators and visiting artists and their specific projects. The tape ends at beginning of Q&A at the end of the slide show.

David Ireland

Item is an audio cassette containing a lecture by David Ireland, an American sculptor. In the lecture, Ireland discusses what it means to be an artist as well as his own trajectory and career starting out in industrial design. He then talks about his artistic process and the search for meaning (both personal and for his audience) in his work. The label on the cassette case is only partially legible and reads: "...the medium and materials he uses. He discusses the work he did refinishing a house and he makes a comparison to finishing a sculpture."

Dolf Gotelli : Fantasy

Item is an audio cassette containing a lecture by Dolf Goletti on the subject of fantasy. Goletti discusses the meaning of 'fantasy' beginning with amusement parks and children's theme parks and brings up themes of kitsch, simulation, scale, naïveté, eccentricity, and psychedelia in fantastical architecture and design. The label on the cassette case reads: "Defines what he considers fantasy to mean. Gives a capsule look at what comprises fantasy in the environment, e.g. participatory fantasy (an amusement park), fast food establishments. Dolf has done a study of roller coasters across North America. Dolf's concept of fantasy is that we all need fantasy (child's play) even as adults. Discusses different structures built by people which are the expression of the builders [sic] fantasy."

Doris Shadbolt on Emily Carr

Item is an audio cassette containing a lecture by Doris Shadbolt, a Canadian art historian and curator, about Emily Carr. Shadbolt describes Carr's introduction to the Group of Seven in 1927 and their influence, particularly Lawren Harris', on her work. Shadbolt discusses the development of Carr's work, various influences, and the trips she took. Shadbolt also speculates on Carr's sexuality and philosophy which she characterizes as being influenced by Indigenous thought and tinged with animism. The label on the cassette case reads: "Doris Shadbolt discusses the art and life of Emily Carr. The tape is of a lecture and slide presentation given by Shadbolt on February 21, 1979. Some of the questions from the audience are hard to hear."

Duane Michals : Photography

Item is an audio cassette containing a lecture by Duane Michals, an American photographer. In the lecture, Michals makes a series of philosophical observations about the fleetingness of life and the importance of breaking routines and habits in order to become aware. He talks about how photography does not generally capture what makes us human: our interior feelings, nightmares, etc. He discusses some of his work, and his career, and reads some poetry. He encourages young artists to take chances, fail, and keep growing.

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